bibliotek-o is an ontology framework for modeling bibliographic metadata. It includes:

  • The bibliotek-o extension ontology, which defines additions and modifications to BIBFRAME and is intended as a supplement to the core BIBFRAME ontology.
  • A set of ontology fragments (including BIBFRAME) intended for use with the bibliotek-o extension.
  • A data model and application profile - i.e., a set of recommended models and patterns for implementing BIBFRAME, bibliotek-o, and external ontologies.

A high-level schematic representation of the bibliotek-o application profile is shown below.

Ontology Modules

Ontology modules list consists of the ontology modules that are extracted from the external upstream ontologies (such as FOAF, SKOS, DC Terms, VIVO-CORE etc.).


Ontology Name {{ontology.ontologyName}} ({{ontology.prefix}})
Namespace {{ontology.namespace}}

Classes ({{ontology.classes.length}})


RDFS Classes ({{ontology.rdfsClasses.length}})


RDF Properties ({{ontology.rdfProperties.length}})


Object Properties ({{ontology.objProperties.length}})


Datatype Properties ({{ontology.dataProperties.length}})


Annotation Properties ({{ontology.annotProperties.length}})


Instances ({{ontology.individuals.length}})

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{{model.modelTitle}} Model


Graph View

Entities Involved

Ontologies: [{{dept}}]
Name Type IRI Ontology
{{entity.fragment}} {{entity.type}} {{entity.iri}} {{entity.ontology}}
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